"Robot Warrior" Contest
June 29th 2019
At Lyon - I-Way

This event is sponsored by CGI
All the team (you can still sign-up !)
Pmdd Pmdd (Robot Warrior and Humanoid)
Thomas Thomas (Robot Warrior category)
AlexGP AlexGP (Humanoid category)
autowrestler AutoWrestlers (Humanoid category)
Beelbot Beelbot (Robot Warrior category)
Mathis Mathis (Humanoid category)
Mathis E-Rambo (Humanoid category)
Amhnemus Amhnemus (Humanoid category)
Rosaline Rosaline (Robot Warrior category)
Pandaca Pandaca (Robot Warrior category)
LegoMan LegoMan (Robot Warrior and Humanoid)
THKM THKM (Robot Warrior category)
Winston Winston (Humanoid category)
Mayssa Mayssa (Humanoid category)
GilbertDru CM1 de l'école Gilbert Dru (Robot Warrior category)
Basic M'dev Basic M'dev (Humanoid Category)
EN-30 EN-30 (Robot Warrior category)
Les casses-codes Les casses-codes (Catégorie Humanoïde)

On June 29th

From 10am, training session for the teams
We will welcome visitors from 1:30pm (sign-up form).

Robot Warrior Contest

Teams must prepare an autonomous robot. This robot will have to go through an obstacle course

Humanoid challenge Signed-up family picture

2 sub-categories: remotely controlled robots and autonomous robots (detailed rules)


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Robot Warrior (rules)
Humanoids (rules)

Robot Warrior Contest - Rules

Description of the 6 challenges (Border height = 7cm) All the dimensions are here
Challenge 1: floor = felt. Straight line with obstacles. Length = 125cm, Obstacles dimensions = 8cm x 8cm x (length from 5cm to 25cm).
Challenge 2: floor = felt. Holes and bump, Length = 130m, hole depth = 2cm.
Challenge 3: floor = felt. Curve with a flip-flop. Length = 280cm, Flip-flop dimensions = 70cm x 70cm.
Challenge 4: floor = felt, Curve with a Glass, length = 280cm, Glass square = 60cm.
Challenge 5: floor = chipboard. Press (Foam cube). A led strip placed 10cm ahead of the press turns red 4s before the press goes down and stays on until the press touches the ground. Otherwise, the led strip is off. The press cycle takes 12s to complete: 4s to go up, stays up 4s and 4s to go down. The press goes up as soon as it touches down. Length = 120cm.
Challenge 6: floor = chipboard. Dice gambling. By default, each dice has the value two facing the coming robot and the value one on the top. Length = 210cm, foam dice dimensions = 16 x 16 x 16cm, space between dices = 13cm.

Humanoid Challenge - Rules

2 sub-categories: one challenge between remotely controlled robots and one challenge between autonomous robots.

Ring's dimensions Image of the ring here
Floor: the floor is made of a chipboard. Squares are painted on it.
Squares: 2 squares 50cm x 40cm. A white square and a black square. Both squares are separated by a distance of 50cm.
Location of the squares : squares are in the middle of a straight line : 1m width and more than 2 meters long. The height of the borders is 7cm.
Start position: At the beginning of each round, robots have both foot in their square. They are placed on the side of the square that faces their opponent. Robots switch squares between each round.


Tohubohu Laser Game, VR, ... worth 120€ to share between the winners !
Robot-Maker.com Vouchers 50€, 35€ et 20€ from Robot-Maker to share between the top 3 of the "Robot Warrior" category
Machine GonesA Sony ICF-S80 radio (50€) for the first place of the "Humanoid challenge"
LumondeDesk lamps Lumonde for the top three of the category "Robot Warrior"
AdvantelecDesk lamps Advantelec for the top two of the "Humanoid challenge"
I-WAYI-Way t-shirts for the top 2 and 3 of both categories !